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Copper Rod&Tube

Bare copper tubes and rods are manufactured with different kinds of processes  such as bending, pressing and punching.

SAR POWER offers heat shrinkable Busbar & Rod tubing in accordance with customer request and drawings. Heat shrinkable Busbar & Rod tubing provides insulation enhancement and protection against accidental flashovers.

SAR POWER chooses proper high quality insulation tube for all type power cells such as low voltage , medium voltage or high voltage. We take precautions on non-flammability standards & regulations while complying with customer specifications such as working temperatures of busbars in the power cells.



copper tube busbar.jpg
copper tube.jpg
copper rod

Sar Power leads machined busbar market in Turkey and has started serving to world market now!



A Subsidiary company of Sarkuysan Group, well known supplier among the world suppliers!


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