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Insulated Winding Wire

SAR POWER offers a wide range of high quality insulated winding wires with different insulation types and compositions according to customer specifications.

Paper insulated winding wires are consist of one or up to four layers of paper. Paper types like mica, nomex, kraft, satin or any other applicable papers can be used in the insulation process.

These wires are mainly used in transformers, reactors, motors, generators.




EN 13601 Copper and copper alloys

IEC 60317-0-2 Specification for particular types of winding wires

IEC 60317-27 Specification for particular types of winding wires

IEC 60554-3-5 Specification for cellulosic papers for electrical purposes

IEC 60851-1 to 6 Winding wires



Kraft Paper, Thermokraft Paper (Thermally Upgraded), Nomex, Creped Paper, Mica, Satiniert etc.



Steel, wooden or plastic reels can be used in accordance with customer‘s request.